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Tesla Included in China Jiangsu Government Procurement List

Published: 7.10.2024

Tesla has entered China government procurement catalog for the first time. According to the "Announcement on the Shortlisting of the New Energy Vehicle Framework Agreement Procurement for Party and Government Agencies, Institutions and Group Organizations in Jiangsu Province in 2024-2025 (III)" disclosed by the Jiangsu Government Procurement Network, Tesla Model Y has entered the Jiangsu Provincial Government's new energy vehicle procurement catalog, and the car is priced at approximately $34,000.

As a foreign-funded new energy vehicle, Tesla's inclusion in the government procurement list is the first in the country and a major breakthrough. Faced with doubts, staff at the Jiangsu Provincial Government Procurement Center said that government procurement does not purchase imported goods, and imported goods require special approval. Currently, more than 95% of the parts of this batch of Tesla vehicles are produced in Tesla's Shanghai factory.

In response, Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the China Passenger Car Association, said, "This move shows that we are making fair and diverse choices, rather than just listing Chinese new energy vehicle brands." 

It is understood that there is no official document to refuse Tesla's entry for the requirements of inclusion in the government procurement list. As long as the car company meets the required price and configuration, it can be shortlisted. Whether it will be purchased in the future remains to be chosen by users. Tesla took the initiative to sign up for this procurement, and was judged based on the two dimensions of parameters and price, and finally recognized Tesla's eligibility for the shortlist. Government procurement of new energy vehicles has become a mainstream trend.

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