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Missed Our Previous Webinars?

Discover how our intuitive navigation, powerful search capabilities, and comprehensive resources can meet your needs. Hosted by Edlyn Valencia and Matthew Amato. This session highlights cutting-edge features designed to revolutionize the user experience for engineers and procurement professionals. Watch now to explore the tools that streamline your experience!

Relive the insights from our recent webinar hosted by Matthew Amato and Aldo Vasquez, where we delve into the innovative sourcing solutions at IBS Electronics. Discover how AI-driven market intelligence and bespoke reporting can transform your sourcing strategy.  

This comprehensive session covers the transformative impact of AI on BOM analysis, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Originally aired on June 26, 2024, this webinar features insights from Matthew Amato, Global Marketing and Public Relations Manager, and Aldo Vasquez, Global Product Manager. Watch now to explore the future of BOM management and stay ahead in your sourcing process!

Thought Leadership Podcast

Real Talk with Rob Tavi is a curiosity driven podcast featuring thought leaders who explore technology advancements, electronics manufacturing, global supply chain, the world of AI and more.