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LG Display wins another iPhone 16 Pro Max OLED panel order

Published: 6.19.2024

After getting the OLED panel order for Apple's iPhone 16 Pro, LG Display recently won another OLED panel order for the iPhone 16 Pro Max model.


According to Korean media reports, LG Display's order this time is unprecedented because it was approved earlier than Samsung Display. This marks an important progress in LG Display's partnership with Apple, and this change may affect the future supply chain pattern of Apple's device displays.

Apple's decision to include LG Display as a supplier, especially for the high-end Pro and Pro Max models, reflects its strategic move to maintain competitiveness in the premium market segment. LG Display has been advancing its OLED technology, with innovations such as panels featuring two light-emitting layers, which reduce power consumption and extend screen life.  

Despite Samsung Display's established dominance in the OLED market, this development underscores the increasing role of LG Display in Apple's supply chain. This could potentially alter the future landscape of display suppliers for Apple's devices. It's also worth noting that while LG Display and Samsung Display are key suppliers, BOE is emerging as a significant player, potentially becoming the largest supplier of iPhone displays in the near future. 

Apple's use of cutting-edge display technologies, such as Micro Lens Array (MLA) for improved brightness and power efficiency, further illustrates the competitive and evolving nature of the OLED market. As Apple continues to innovate and diversify its supply chain, the dynamics between these major suppliers will likely shape the future of display technology in the consumer electronics industry 

At present, this year's iPhone 16 series OLED screen panels are still supplied by Samsung Display and LG Display. 

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